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In 2017 a film crew blocked off a goodly portion of the Road to film a TV drama in one of the houses, authorised by Islington Council. Residents complained they were being denied their parking rights, and eventually the Council Film Office was persuaded by Peter Streatfield to donate the sum of £500 to the Road, in compensation. After widespread consultation, it was decided it was time for another Road Party, paid for in part by the donation.

Much work behind the scenes went into getting the Road officially closed for the day,  booking the pancake van and the bubble man, and (yes, really!) ironing the bunting left over from the last Party in 2012. An awkward start when Council parking officers pounced on cars left in the street one minute past the appointed hour for it to be cleared on Sunday morning, thereby (maybe. some said) grabbing back the donated cash for the Council. But thanks to rapid action the next day by Party heroine Louise, the penalty notices were immediately rescinded. What influence she has!

aDSC04015.JPGNot much sun, but the Road devoid of cars was a real wonder, especially when it was colonised by graffitists and children. A very good time was had by all, thanks to very hard work by many volunteers. Terrific home-grown food and music, and some great (if temporary) art. A lot of neighbours met for the first time. And afterwards, a cascade of thanks. Glorious!

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Paula posters etc; Aniela, Lucinda and Kendall and Mark, organisers; Peter (and Mary and Paula) pictures; Sally and Monty bunting, and oodles of helpers for setting up and clearing up. And  everyone who turned up to make it such a brilliant afternoon. (Not to forget Julian chalking up success on his hands and knees.)